Washer & Dryer Movers

Washer & Dryer Movers

Washer & Dryer MoversMoving the washer and dryer is challenging and requires preparatory work and helpers to remove the equipment from the premises and load it into the vehicle. If you wish, our movers will prepare the washer and dryer independently. They will disconnect the devices from the electrical network and the hoses from the water pipes. The machine must be dry inside. The workers will securely fix the doors with tape to prevent the doors from opening arbitrarily during transportation. The drum, located on the back panel of the washing machine, is screwed with special bolts. High-quality case packaging using cardboard, bubble wrap, and scotch tape will eliminate the risks of mechanical damage to the structure.

Safely move upstairs washer and dryer.

Lion Movers LLC’s professional movers have experience moving heavy household appliances and are fully responsible for the safety of the cargo. Depending on the delivery conditions of the washing machine, for example, when it is necessary to bring it upstairs, our workers use special rigging straps and carts. Such devices help move heavy and large-sized items quickly and easily.

Considering the significant weight and size of the washing machine, two people load it into the car. The unit can not be transported in a lying position on its side, as this can lead to a performance violation. It must be placed upright and secured with the securing straps. To avoid unwanted vibrations and risks of displacement of the washing machine, our driver, during transportation, adheres to the speed limit and turns and brakes smoothly.

It is carefully moving household appliances downstairs.

Moving a washing machine on your own can be hazardous, with a high risk of injury. We are ready to help you move heavy appliances from your apartment and downstairs. Contact us right now. Our manager will clarify all the necessary details and calculate the preliminary price for transporting the washing machine. We are sure you will be satisfied.

The final cost of transportation for your property will depend on its volume and dimensions and the need for additional preparatory work. We guarantee quality services and professional staff. Rest assured: we will make the delivery of a washing machine or other property to the specified destination comfortable for you.

It is easy, simple, and, most importantly, profitable to cooperate with us. The Lion Movers LLC team has gained valuable experience and a large number of regular customers. We guarantee optimal solutions that take into account individual needs when organizing relocations.

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