First-class moving in Washington state

We work throughout Washington state and are ready to schedule a move at any time convenient to you. You do not need to think about anything – not about transport, packaging materials, or sorting things for comfortable furnishing in a new place. We can optimize the process in each situation and organize everything so that the client’s move is as smooth as possible. There are several reasons to choose our VIP-movers for transportation of things:

  • Ten years of experience are not just words. These are mistakes, various emergencies, and continuous training to a perfect level. In addition, a well-coordinated stable staff works as a promising technique – quickly and smoothly;
  • We provide all possible services in this niche, which means we will help you with residential and commercial moving, packaging and unpacking, and temporary storage of things;
  • The company has all the necessary resources to organize any moving – equipment, transport, packaging, and auxiliary materials;
  • Rates are reasonably correlated with the level of service, and costs are offset by your free time and efficiently organized process without lost and damaged things, rush, or nerves;
  • Concern for the client’s interests and utmost care for things. Your cargo is our most significant value, and your satisfaction with the service is our primary goal.

Our Services

  1. Local Moving

    Moving brings much hassle, even if you move to a new apartment or office on the next street. However, in this case, the small distance between points A and B does not change almost anything except for fuel costs. Carrying all things “by hand” will not be possible, so services of the local moving company remain relevant.

  2. Residential Moving

    Residential moving is always tricky, and if you need to transport dozens of boxes from an apartment in a high-rise building, the task becomes more complicated. You will unlikely be able to cope with such a volume of work on your own. At the very least, you will need the help of movers to take over the carrying and loading/unloading of heavy, bulky boxes. However, you can simplify everything by ordering a turnkey service from a VIP apartment moving company.

  3. White Glove Packing

    When it comes to personal belongings, including valuables, and expensive and memorable things, the white glove packing service is more important than ever. Customers of moving companies want specialists to handle their belongings as carefully and accurately as possible, which is entirely justified. For us, packing in white gloves is not a special offer but an ideology and value we have worked on for over ten years.

  4. Storage Solutions

    Using a storage facilities to store your goods beforehand gives you plenty of time to inspect and fix any plumbing or electrical issues and make other final touches that your new home requires. You can then move in your goods and organise your new house, just the way you would like it.

Our Mission

Moving is ahead, and you have already morally prepared for the chaos with the boxes? We think you deserve to delegate tasks that bring too much stress. Why should you spend hours or even days collecting and packing things if there are specially trained people for this? Furthermore, you do not need to worry about saving your items or the convenience of sorting them for further unpacking in a new place. Everything is clear, understandable, and reliable with VIP moving service. In addition, you can choose only to load and unload things or, conversely, to sort them with packaging. Still, it is best to book a turnkey move and watch the process with a cup of coffee, noting the professionalism of our specialists with pleasure. After all, this is precisely what will happen with Lion Movers LLC.




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