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VIP Moving Company


Ten years of experience are not just words. These are mistakes, various emergencies, and continuous training to a perfect level. In addition, a well-coordinated stable staff works as a promising technique – quickly and smoothly


We provide all possible services in this niche, which means we will help you with residential and commercial moving, packaging and unpacking, and temporary storage of things.


The company has all the necessary resources to organize any moving – equipment, transport, packaging, and auxiliary materials

No Hidden Pricing

Rates are reasonably correlated with the level of service, and costs are offset by your free time and efficiently organized process without lost and damaged things, rush, or nerves.

Individual Approach

Concern for the client’s interests and utmost care for things. Your cargo is our most significant value, and your satisfaction with the service is our primary goal

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Manage a moving request online using your personal Account Page. Update your moving date and addresses, submit the inventory list, add move details, send a message to your Relocation Manager – it’s fast and easy – all in one place.

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Moving is ahead, and you have already morally prepared for the chaos with the boxes? We think you deserve to delegate tasks that bring too much stress. Why should you spend hours or even days collecting and packing things if there are specially trained people for this? 

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Few kind words from our customers.

First-class moving in Washington state

Moving is a troublesome affair. Collect and pack everything, find transport, load boxes, and then unload and put everything in a new place – you can’t imagine how to handle everything on your own? And you don’t have to. Why do you have to put up with these nerves and worries if there are specialists in such matters? Busy people have long chosen a competent delegation, which simplifies their lives. In addition, you can surely entrust even the most valuable things to a VIP moving company. If specialists have worked in this field for more than ten years, the process considers the minor details that the client sometimes does not even guess. The Lion Movers LLC team knows how to stay ahead and ensure every customer gets top-notch service.

VIP Moving Services
Reasonable Rates
Eliminating The Stresses
Unmatched Level Of Organization And Efficiency
Highest Level Of Quality And Care
Everything Is Straightforward
Trustworthy Professionals
All Possible Services In This Niche
Customized Packing And Crating

Book a turnkey move and watch the process with a cup of coffee, noting the professionalism of our specialists with pleasure. After all, this is precisely what will happen with Lion Movers LLC.

What cost should you expect?

Each case is unique, and we need to know the order’s details to tell you the exact price. Call the numbers listed on the website or fill out the online form, and we will consult you in as much detail as possible. VIP service from our company is not about sky-high prices but the proper delegation and justified investments in your comfort. Contact us, and we will forever dispel the myth of the difficulty of moving. When there are reliable contractors nearby, everything is straightforward. We are waiting for you.

Only Best Services
VIP Local moving

Specially trained and experienced specialists will conveniently sort and compactly pack your things in boxes, load them into a car, transport them to a new place and carry out similar activities in reverse order.

White Glove Packing

​When it comes to personal belongings, including valuables, and expensive and memorable things, the white glove packing service is more important than ever. Customers of moving companies want specialists to handle their belongings as carefully and accurately as possible, which is entirely justified.

Storage Solutions

Need to leave the apartment or office urgently, and the new place is not yet ready for full settlement? You can leave your things with us for this time. We guarantee their integrity and provide the necessary storage conditions

Personal Moving Planner

A devoted Relocation Manager will be responsible for the smooth operation of the entire relocation process, working closely with clients and other specialist team members to ensure success and customer satisfaction of the moving experience.

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Lion Movers are standing guard over the safety of our clients’ home possessions while moving their belongings from one place to another. We provide high-quality services for VIP clients.
All Included Service is our favorite specialization.
LION MOVERS LLC – feel like a King!