Residential Moving

VIP Residential Moving Company

Are you planning to move to a new apartment or house? This is a happy event, but the worries that await you may not be enjoyable. The following issues need to be resolved to organize the move:

  • Sort things, pack them in boxes, and sign everything for convenience;
  • Find and order suitable transport for the transportation of stuff;
  • Load and unload everything;
  • In case of furniture transportation – disassemble and assemble them in a new place according to the instructions;
  • Pre-calculate and order the required amount of packaging materials, ¬†considering the unique requirements for packaging appliances, utensils, and other delicate items.

Have you imagined the scale of the work? And now imagine that all this is done for you by professionals. VIP residential moving company performs the above tasks at the first level and solves many minor problems.

VIP household movers

You can order a full range of moving services and ultimately free yourself from the hassles of moving or limit yourself to more priority tasks – loading/unloading boxes (usually you can not handle it yourself), the rent of a vehicle.

Although our customers who have ordered a turnkey moving are usually pleased that they are not limited to freight assistance, VIP-level services mean caring for the client at every step. You do not have to think about any trifles, we will be as careful with your things as possible, and sorting, compactness, and ease of packing boxes will be at the highest level. This approach makes it much easier for our customers to put things in a new place. There is no problem that something is lost, or you do not know in which box it is. We have everything clear and coherent, focused on customer convenience.

How is the cost calculated?

Both the price of movers work and rent of the car of the moving company are counted per hour. Therefore, we think of the best solutions and optimized routes to save time. After assessing the scale of work on your site, we will select the optimal number of employees to handle as quickly as possible. Then, fill out the online form on the website, and we will prepare a personal offer for you.


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