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Are you planning a big move and need professional help, but are you worried about the safety of your belongings? By choosing VIP moving services in Tacoma, you do not risk your property and make your life much easier. Proper delegation is the first sign of a successful person. And choosing the best service is indisputable confirmation of your respected status in society.

We rent transport for goods of all sizes in WA and professional movers with more than ten years of experience. The value of the work of movers and packers should not be underestimated. Their decency, accuracy, efficiency, strength, and mastery of modern assistive technologies are the key to our excellent service. That’s why our employees have been rigorously selected before joining the Lion Movers LLC team, and now they receive the best reviews from the most demanding customers.

VIP movers in Tacoma

Our company works in Washington state and organizes long-distance moving. However, even if you need to move from 6th Avenue E to the neighboring 6th Avenue S in Tacoma, you can’t do it without professional movers and specialized transport. We not only carry heavy boxes and transport them to their destination but also help with packing. By sorting things correctly, we save space in boxes and prevent confusion when unpacking boxes in a new place. In addition, we pack appliances, utensils, and other delicate items following special requirements to avoid unwanted damage during transportation.

A full range of moving services will help you avoid any hassles of moving. We will estimate the scope of work in advance, make an estimate, select the required number of employees, calculate the time, prepare packaging materials, disassemble the furniture if necessary, and not leave a mess. Every current problem will be solved quickly by our employees.

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There are plenty of local moving companies in the state, but if you are counting on a higher service, do not hurry to leave our site. It is with us that you will experience the quality of employees’ work and customer care at all levels. We will offer a solution to any request and will not let you worry about the little trifles. We have large motor vehicles and a staff of first-class employees for lease at our disposal. Please fill out the form on the website so that we can prepare a specific offer for you.  

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Lion Movers are standing guard over the safety of our clients’ home possessions while moving their belongings from one place to another. We provide high-quality services for VIP clients.
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