VIP Moving Services

Moving is ahead, and you have already morally prepared for the chaos with the boxes? We think you deserve to delegate tasks that bring too much stress. Why should you spend hours or even days collecting and packing things if there are specially trained people for this? Furthermore, you do not need to worry about saving your items or the convenience of sorting them for further unpacking in a new place. Everything is clear, understandable, and reliable with VIP moving service. In addition, you can choose only to load and unload things or, conversely, to sort them with packaging. Still, it is best to book a turnkey move and watch the process with a cup of coffee, noting the professionalism of our specialists with pleasure. After all, this is precisely what will happen with Lion Movers LLC.

Moving services in Washington state

Our moving company in Washington state is an honored industry leader, with which you will receive VIP-class service. For your convenience, movers provide a full range of services:

• Residential moving. You dream of moving to a new apartment/house with a pleasant premonition, but thoughts of transporting things a little overshadow the mood? We will help you quickly and easily settle in a new place, regardless of the number of items. Whether it is the transportation of several boxes with clothes and books or the vehicle of oversized furniture – we will cope with it and relieve you of this burden;

• Commercial moving. Not sure how to properly handle the equipment during transportation, how to properly sort and pack everything so that you can easily arrange employees’ workplaces in the new office? Entrust the task to professionals, and your equipment will be delivered to a new place in complete integrity and safety;

• Loading and unloading. Do you want to trust anyone to pack personal belongings, but do you need help carrying heavy boxes? Our strong movers, who easily lift 100 pounds, are rushing to you;

• Packaging services. Can’t imagine how to sort and compactly pack many things? We have our secrets for optimizing these processes, so you can count on accurate sorting of clothes, books, utensils, appliances, and more with reliable packaging for storage during transportation;

• Storage services. Need to leave the apartment or office urgently, and the new place is not yet ready for full settlement? You can leave your things with us for this time. We guarantee their integrity and provide the necessary storage conditions.

How are the rates formed?

It all depends on the selected list of services and considers the per hour cost of specialists. Of course, it is most profitable to order a complex move because then you deprive yourself of even the slightest worries. But in any case, we guarantee a VIP-level service and are ready to rush to you even to collect one box. Fill out a short form on the website for a specific price offer.

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