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Residential moving is always tricky, and if you need to transport dozens of boxes from an apartment in a high-rise building, the task becomes more complicated. You will unlikely be able to cope with such a volume of work on your own. At the very least, you will need the help of movers to take over the carrying and loading/unloading of heavy, bulky boxes. However, you can simplify everything by ordering a turnkey service from a VIP apartment moving company.

Why are our apartment movers VIP?

Each moving service professional was rigorously selected before joining our team. We employ only experienced movers who know how to handle valuable things and understand that the client’s property is valued above everything else. They know how to work with modern packaging technologies, do everything quickly, and know-how to get out of the most unusual situations. Unforeseen circumstances occur during the moving process, but we solve everything so fast that the client does not even guess about the presence of any obstacles. Our movers are vital because they can easily carry loads up to 100 pounds. These decent and friendly people know about customer care and show it in minor detail. VIP moving services mean accuracy, thoroughness, and speed, supported by employees’ decency and modern, effective technologies.

The cost of moving accompanied by professionals

The price of movers’ work and car rent is calculated per hour. You can order a full range of individual services. We, in turn, can do everything: pack and sort things, disassemble and assemble furniture, properly pack appliances and other fragile items, quickly load / unload boxes, and transport goods over any distance and on optimized routes. We are waiting for you. 


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