Professional Couch Movers in Seattle

Professional Couch Movers in Seattle

Professional Couch Movers in SeattleOur company guarantees safe sofa removal. Experienced workers consider the conditions for removing large-sized upholstered furniture and decide whether it is necessary to disassemble it into separate modules and transformation mechanisms. Depending on the design, they will detach the cushions, backrests, and drawers for storing bedding.

We provide quality service at a reasonable cost.

Our specially trained movers professionally pack the couch, which is one of the most critical factors affecting the safe, reliable transportation of the property to the desired destination.

To protect the upholstered part from dust, dirt, and stains, they use a large amount of air bubble film, which wraps around all the constituent elements, securing them with scotch tape. Such actions minimize the risk of damage by creating a moisture barrier. If the structure has complex parts and corners, professional workers lay cardboard on it and then wrap it with stretch film on top.

Given the sofa’s heavyweight and dimensions, its movement by inexperienced professionals can be traumatic for the people who carry it. Also, improper handling of a heavy object increases the risks of its mechanical damage.

Our movers carefully remove the sofa from the room, correctly place it, and securely fasten it in the car for transportation. We guarantee the complete safety of the cargo.

Professional team of Lion Movers LLC – a guarantee of safe, comfortable transportation of property

If you need to move a sofa to an address in Seattle, make the right decision – contact us. We treat each client individually and consider specific consumer needs, providing quality service near me. Our workers are skilled in handling heavy and bulky items. If necessary, they use auxiliary technical devices, such as special carts, rigging belts, etc. When you cooperate with us, you will receive guarantees of full quality preparation of the property for transportation and its delivery to the desired destination without any damage and at a fair price.

Moving company Lion Movers LLC offers favorable conditions for one-time and permanent cooperation. Contact us to discuss the necessary details of the interaction. We will undoubtedly justify your expectations.

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