Piano Pick Up & Delivery Services

Piano Pick Up & Delivery Services

Piano Pick Up & Delivery ServicesOne of the most common requests our company receives is piano moving. Working with this musical instrument requires maximum care, and in no case should its damage (impact, scratches, falls) be allowed. It is immediately sent for repair at the slightest damage because it is very delicate. If you are moving and you need to move a piano to a new home, buy a new one in a store, or want to send the instrument to the office, we recommend using the services of specialists.

Does the quality of our company’s services correspond to the cost of services?

Our company has many years of experience working with valuable cargo. For piano pick-up, our movers use all kinds of protective fasteners, tools to facilitate work and equipment for loading and unloading. Skills and knowledge gained in practice allow you to solve difficulties and overcome obstacles in the moment. For example, the impact mechanism is a vulnerable part of the musical instrument, so high-quality packaging that protects it from vibrations and impacts is used here. Components that can open are unscrewed, and strings and keys are packed in cushioning material.

Piano delivery is carried out on a vehicle with special fasteners, belts, and protective blocks. In any case, when transporting musical instruments, the best solution is to cooperate with professionals. It is better to trust a team that knows the features of this type of relocation and can ensure the safety and reliability of your property.

Please write to us to find out the movers’ price.

Contact our company if you need the piano picked up, delivered, or installed in an apartment. We have all the necessary materials to make this process easy and safe. Contact us today to learn more about our services near me and plan your move. We offer flexible pricing packages that meet the needs and budget of the client. A VIP-level move should be available to everyone, and we will do our best to surprise you pleasantly with the cost of services.

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